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Tradeasia International, one of the emerging sodium gluconate suppliers in Asia, delivers top-quality sodium acetate products globally. This website provides informations about what is sodium gluconate, its manufacturing process and uses. Get the sodium gluconate based on your business needs or distribute the product by partner up with us by submitting the form available below.

sodium gluconate


Sodium gluconate is a compound with the formula NaC6H11O7. It has the E number E576. It is a white to tan, granular to fine, crystalline powder and very soluble in water. Sodium gluconate is non-corrosive, non-toxic and readily biodegradable. Aqueous solutions of sodium gluconate are resistant to oxidation and reduction, even at high temperatures.

Product Applictions

Food Industry : Sodium gluconate is used in various food products as a preservative and sequestrant. Sodium gluconate is also used in many food products as a nutrition supplement.

Other Applications : Sodium gluconate is widely used in textile dyeing, printing and metal surface water treatment. It is used as a chelating agent, a steel surface cleaning agent, a cleaning agent for glass bottles, and a chelating agent for cement, plating and alumina dyeing industries. It is also used in personal care products, paper and leather.

About Company

Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned, independent company headquartered in Singapore. We are a global trading organization providing integrated chemical procurement services with certainty and trust, which makes Tradeasia unique. Commodity manufacturers are in need of raw materials for the production of chemicals and it is usually not available in the same region. Big chemical manufacturers focus mainly on their production process and output. 

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